Rental Policy

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RENTAL PERIOD.  BandWagon RV Rentals operates on a midnight – midnight rental time clock, so the hour of the BandWagon pickup and/or return are irrelevant provided that both occur during normal business hours.  What is relevant is the calendar date of each.  Your BandWagon RV can be picked up at any time between 8:00 a.m. EST and 5:00 pm EST Monday-Friday.  Please remember that other renters may be waiting to rent your BandWagon RV, so it is extremely important to return your BandWagon on the date of the termination of the rental agreement.  If an extension of your rental is needed, you must submit your request IN WRITING to a representative of BandWagon RV Rentals.  This extension is subject entirely upon scheduling availability and must be approved with a confirmation from a representative of BandWagon RV Rentals.  Failure to receive notification and subsequent approval of a rental extension IN WRITING will result in an overtime daily rental rate of $750 for each day that the BandWagon is past its scheduled return date.  In the event that a rental period is terminated early, BandWagon RV Rentals will continue to invoice according to the payment schedule outlined in the rental agreement until the time that the BandWagon is returned.  At that time, any credited days will be applied during the end-of-rental close-out process less a $50 early termination fee for each day that the BandWagon is returned before its scheduled return.  Any financial transactions will be disclosed via the rental invoices or will be made available upon request by the renter or representative of the renter.  Please bear in mind that each BandWagon rental, and rental period, begins and ends at our facility in Bowling Green, Indiana.  This is true even in the event of a BandWagon delivery to a remote location.

RESERVATION DEPOSIT/BILLING PROCESS.  A reservation deposit is required for every rental unless otherwise noted by a representative of BandWagon RV Rentals.  If the rental is 15 days or less in duration all rental payments will be required in advance.  In the event that the rental period is more than 15 days, rental payments will be due weekly via the provided invoices. The reservation deposit ($1,500 where applicable) is the ONLY way to secure your BandWagon RV reservation.  The reservation deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.  The reservation deposit will be applied to the first rental payment.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT.  A $2,500 fully-refundable damage deposit is due with the reservation and will be invoiced as a part of the first rental payment.  There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.  The damage deposit is used to compensate for any damage beyond normal wear during the rental period.  The damage deposit, in whole or in part, will be refunded to the renter via the most recently used credit card authorization form on file within 45 calendar days of the completion of the rental (ie the return of the BandWagon). In the event that damage to the BandWagon exceeds $2,500 at closeout, any goods and services rendered by BandWagon RV Rentals (i.e. airport shuttle service, refilling of fuel and/or DEF to pre-rental levels, emptying of black water tanks, additional rental days, reimbursement for unpaid tolls/traffic violations) will be the responsibility of the renter. Liability for damage to the BandWagon will be limited to the $2,500 damage deposit.

SPECIAL REQUESTS. If a renter refuses the BandWagon prepared for them at departure because of issues of preference, a “special request” premium of $50/day for the duration of the rental will be assessed as a one-time fee before departure.

CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM  Each renter, without exception, is required to maintain a valid credit card authorization form on file for the duration of the rental.  This credit card authorization form will be used only for the invoiced amounts and only in the event that payment is not received via another method (bank wire, ACH transfer, check or cash) on or before 12:00 pm EST on the date of which the payment is due.  If a bank wire, ACH or other form of transfer is received after the due date and after the credit card on file has been charged, and the client requests a refund on the card, a 3% service fee will be deducted from the refund. The credit card on file may also be used in the event of an unpaid parking or toll violation that is received during or after the rental period.  The payment of any toll or parking violations will take place without alerting the renter beforehand.  The renter may supplement by adding additional credit card authorization forms at any point prior to, or during, the rental period.  The addition of supplemental credit card authorization form(s), however, does not invalidate any credit card authorization form(s) previously submitted.

CLEANING FEE  A $500 fee is required for all rentals, regardless of the length of the rental period, for the deep cleaning of the BandWagon.  This fee includes washing the BandWagon upon return, carpet and upholstery extraction, full linen service, and a complete and thorough cleaning of the BandWagon RV.

DELINQUENT PAYMENTS/BANDWAGON REPOSSESSION Once the rental period begins, subsequent rental payments will occur based upon the most recent invoices provided to the renter or representative of the renter as logistical changes are often made.  Payments will revert automatically to the credit card on file in the event that another form of payment is not received on or before the payment’s due date.  In the event of a declined or invalid credit card, the renter and/or appropriate agent(s) will be alerted to the delinquent payment in writing via email and given a grace period of forty-eight (48) hours from the time of the initial contact to rectify the delinquent payment and/or submit an alternate form of payment.  If the payment has not been received by BandWagon RV Rentals in full upon the expiration of the 48-hour grace period, the BandWagon will be eligible for repossession at any time and without notice.  In the event of repossession, the rental agreement is no longer valid and the rental will be suspended.  Any funds in the form of prepaid rental days or damage deposit will be automatically forfeited and will be used to compensate BandWagon RV Rentals for any lost income or expenses associated with the repossession of the BandWagon.  In the event that a mutually agreeable solution is reached IN WRITING and implemented to avoid the repossession of the BandWagon, a daily late penalty of $100 will be issued in addition to any rental fees for each calendar day past the forty-eight (48) hour grace period until all rental payments are current.

FUEL/DEF  The diesel fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks must be returned at or above the pre-rental levels.  In the event that this is not the case, the renter will be charged at a rate of $8.50/gallon USD diesel fuel & $8.50/gallon USD for diesel exhaust fluid.

BLACK WATER  Every BandWagon RV will start its rental with a full fresh water tank and an empty black water tank.  The black water tank must be returned empty at the end of the rental period or upon the time of recovery in the event that the renter elects to have a representative of BandWagon RV Rentals recover the BandWagon RV from a remote location.  In the event that the black water tank has not been emptied, the renter will be charged a service fee of $100.

SPARE IGNITION KEY Every BandWagon RV is supplied with one (1) extra ignition key located in the cabinet above the dinette table. In the event that key is missing upon return, the renter will be charged a replacement fee of $100

MECHANICAL FAILURE  In the event of a mechanical failure where repairs are needed, all repairs are to be authorized by a representative of BandWagon RV Rentals.  There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please call (812) 986-2716, ext 2 for repair authorization. In the event that the service manager cannot be reached, call Marvin Clarke at 812.236.2442. In the event that no representative can be reached for authorization during non-business hours, the renter shall be required to wait until normal business hours for authorization or forfeit any requests for reimbursement.  Please save and submit all ORIGINAL receipts for reimbursement, as photocopies or electronic scans will not be accepted. REIMBURSEMENT WILL NOT BE MADE FOR ANY REPAIR EXPENSES WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION AND ORIGINAL RECEIPT(S).  BANDWAGON RV RENTALS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE, NOR DO THEY PROVIDE FOR, ON-SITE SERVICE CALLS AT THE RENTER’S DIRECTION.  THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE SERVICE CALL POLICY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  Repair costs, including alternate transportation arrangements, will be limited to the cost of the repair and the number of calendar days that the BandWagon RV is out of service at the daily rental rate.  BandWagon RV Rentals and its affiliates are not responsible for any missed engagements, lost guarantees, or any potential merchandise sales that may arise out of the mechanical failure of a BandWagon RV.  BandWagon RV Rentals and its affiliates do not provide for daily hotel rooms or any other accommodations while the BandWagon is on-site at a repair facility or is en route in the event of a BandWagon “swap” should that be the preferred resolution to a mechanical failure.  BandWagon RV Rentals does not reimburse for any expenses incurred for the rental of an alternate mode of transportation.

SPEED GOVERNOR  Every BandWagon RV is programmed from the factory with an electronic speed limiter, which restricts the speed of the BandWagon to 65 mph.  This governor is at the direction of BandWagon RV Rentals and is non-negotiable.  The governor is not to be removed by the renter or any affiliate.  In the event that the governor is removed without authorization of BandWagon RV Rentals, the renter will immediately forfeit their entire $2,500 damage deposit.

SHORE POWER Beginning January 2019, BandWagon RV will provide a 70’ shore power cable with every rental. IT REMAINS OUR POSITION THAT SHORE POWER SHOULD BE USED ONLY IF LOCAL REGULATIONS OR A VENUE REQUIRE THAT YOUR GENERATOR BE SHUT OFF. If the renter should choose to plug into a venue’s shore power, the renter will be financially responsible for any and all damage to the BandWagon resulting from the use of a venue’s faulty power supply including, but not limited to, the generator, lighting, appliances, and any other internal electrical devices. Failure to return provided shore power cable at the end of the rental will result in a $500 deduction from the damage deposit.

TRAILER TIRES  In the event that the renter would also like to rent an enclosed trailer from BandWagon RV Rentals, the trailer will be equipped with four trailer-rated tires with substantial tread.  Renter has the right to request the replacement of any tire before the BandWagon departs our facility at the commencement of the rental period.  Each BandWagon renter that is also renting a trailer will be provided with one spare tire for the trailer.  In the event of a flat tire on the trailer, BandWagon RV Rentals assumes responsibility for the first trailer tire ONLY (ie the provided spare), provided that the flat tire is returned at the end of the rental and the rim is not damaged.  Each subsequent trailer tire is the responsibility of the renter

ACCIDENTS  If involved in a minor traffic accident, renter must notify BandWagon RV Rentals within 24 hours.  A full written police accident report must be submitted to BandWagon RV Rentals at or before the time of the BandWagon’s return.  Failure to comply will result in the automatic forfeiture of the damage deposit. A certificate of insurance is included in every driver’s packet at departure.

TRAILER STRAPS – Beginning in January, 2019, all enclosed trailers will be equipped with E-Track and four (4) ratchet straps specifically designed for E-Track. Failure to return supplied straps will result in a fee of $25 per strap.

ALL DRIVERS MUST BE AT LEAST 25 YEARS OF AGE AND HAVE A VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE FROM THEIR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.  All authorized drivers, in addition to the renter, must be added to the rental agreement as an additional driver and BandWagon RV Rentals must have a LEGIBLE copy of each driver’s license on file at least one business day before said additional driver(s) may operate the BandWagon.

PARKING/TOLL/MOVING VIOLATIONS.  Renter will be responsible for all parking and/or toll and/or moving violations during the rental period and any costs that may arise from said violation(s).  In the event that notification of said violation(s) is received by BandWagon RV Rentals from the appropriate authority, renter will be subject to the entire cost of the violation plus a $250 surcharge. Tolls received by BandWagon RV Rentals during the course of the tour, or after the conclusion of the tour, will be charged to the credit card on file. In the event that the credit card on file is not valid, tolls will be deducted from the damage deposit at closeout or charged to a subsequent rental by the same client.

IDENTIFICATION  Proper identification, employment information, credit references and all relevant driver’s licenses must be presented upon request by the renter when reserving or upon receipt of possession of a BandWagon RV for the rental period.  ALL INFORMATION WILL BE VERIFIED.


AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION (SHUTTLE)  The staff at BandWagon RV Rentals offers transportation to/from the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm (excluding holidays) with prior arrangement for a fee of $100 for each utilization of the shuttle.  First pickup in Indy will not be before 9 AM (EST) and the last shuttle departure for departing flights from the BandWagon facility in Bowling Green, Indiana is 3:00 pm (EST).  Arriving flights must land before 4:00 pm to receive shuttle service from Indianapolis International Airport to BandWagon RV Rentals.  Any transportation needed outside of these parameters is the responsibility of the client. BandWagon RV Rentals is not responsible for any flight delays and/or cancellations as it pertains to the shuttle schedule.

BANDWAGONS DROPPED AT ALTERNATE LOCATIONS – All BandWagon returns are required to be dropped at our facility in Bowling Green, IN. Prior consent by BandWagon RV Rentals MUST be secured before a BandWagon is dropped at any alternate location. Failure to do so will result in a $200 convenience charge.

AFTER-HOURS  BandWagon RV Rentals’ normal business hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST.  Any BandWagon departure outside of normal business hours will be subject to an after-hours fee.  The same holds true in the event that the renter or representative of the renter requests shuttle service past 3:00 pm for departing flights or 4:00 pm for arriving flights.  The after-hours fee is $350/hour with a two hour minimum and will be billed in one-half (1/2) hour increments past the second hour, including travel time to & from the airport when necessary. All after-hours pick ups are done by appointment only with the billing period starting at the time of the appointment.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO & WALK-THROUGH.  A link to a comprehensive tutorial video on YouTube will be sent with the initial rental paperwork. Every first-time driver is required to watch this video at some point prior to departure, whether that be on the driver’s own time, or here at our facility. A representative of BandWagon RV Rentals will be available to answer any and all questions prior to departure.The instruction and walk-through process will require approximately 60-90 minutes and acknowledgement and understanding of the instructions provided will be required via a pre-rental Sign Off before the BandWagon rental can begin.

ITEMS LEFT ON BANDWAGON. Any items left on a BandWagon at the end of a tour becomes the property of BandWagon RV Rentals. A handling fee of $250 plus shipping cost will be charged for any items requested to be shipped once the BandWagon is returned to our facility.

GEAR/MERCHANDISE HANDLING AND/OR STORAGE.  BandWagon RV Rentals offers the service of handling the shipments of musical equipment and/or merchandise on behalf of the renter either prior to, or after the conclusion of, a BandWagon rental.  This service for the handling and/or receipt of shipment(s) will be charged at the rate of $250 each for the commencement and/or conclusion of the rental.   For example, if a shipment is received and responsibility accepted on behalf of the renter prior to a BandWagon rental, and said equipment and/or merchandise is palletized for either storage or shipment at the conclusion of the rental, a fee of $250 for each will be levied for a total fee of $500.  Storage is also offered at a secure storage facility and will be charged at the rate of $5/day USD.

TERMS AND RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.  Any altered and/or additional terms will be disclosed to the renter and/or representative of the renter prior to the rental’s commencement.

BANDWAGON GRAPHICS.  Renters are welcome to install graphics as part of the rental.   All graphics, regardless of extent (full wrap, partial wrap or decal(s)) must be approved, installed and removed by BandWagon RV Rentals. Any outsourcing of graphics will result in the automatic and immediate forfeiture of the entire fully-refundable damage deposit.  Please note that when a BandWagon is wrapped and is used as a medium for advertising that the BandWagon is then considered to be used in commerce and is therefore now under the jurisdiction of the USDOT.  Renter is responsible for all DOT compliance.

RENTING TO CORPORATE ENTITIES.  BandWagon RV Rentals does not insure corporate entities as an additional insured.  In the event that the renter would like to rent a BandWagon under a corporate entity (LLC, LLP, Inc, etc), the renter shall be required to provide BandWagon RV Rentals with a Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming BandWagon RV Rentals, LLC as an additional insured under a non-owned auto rider.  In addition, the fully-refundable damage deposit for the rental period will be $5,000 for corporate entities instead of the standard $2,500.  Renter will also be responsible for compliance with any and all laws pertaining to the renting of a BandWagon as a corporate entity.  This includes, but is not limited to, compliance to any DOT regulations, as the renting of a BandWagon under a corporate umbrella constitutes a commercial vehicle.

CONFIRMATION/ACCEPTANCE OF RENTAL TERMS & CONDITIONS.  By signing the rental agreement and confirming the BandWagon rental via the submission of a reservation deposit or initial rental payment (in the event that a reservation deposit is not required), renter agrees to the rental Terms & Conditions outlined above.  Failure to comply with any of the above rental terms & conditions will result in the automatic repossession of the BandWagon RV without prior notice and the forfeiture of the security deposit.

* All currency US dollars.