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The BandWagon™Rv is a vehicle designed to revolutionize mid-level touring. It has been designed for the specific purpose of entertainer touring, combining the comfort, amenities, layout, durability, and functionality of a tour bus with the ease of use of an RV.

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With a sleeping capacity of up-to 10, BandWagon provides a comfortable and affordable alternative to touring in a van, or touring in an entertainer coach under financial strain.

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The most important feature of the BandWagon is that, through careful design considerations, BandWagon RVs fall under 26,000 lb Gross Vehicle Weight, (GVW). This is very important because it means the BandWagon RVs do not require a CDL to drive, or fall under the jurisdiction of the USDOT.

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Renting a BandWagon™ RV is exactly like renting a car, except for the fact that the insurance is built into the cost of the rental. The only requirements are that every authorized driver (there is no limit to the number of drivers) must be at least 25 years of age and have a valid driver’s license from their country of origin.

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Designed by Bands, For Bands

How BandWagon is Different

BandWagon RVs provide many of the luxury features you’d find on a tour bus, without the added cost, licenses, or DOT regulations.

Most of our touring experience has been within the ‘club circuit’; playing venues with a capacity of 500 – 1,500. These venues provide an excellent opportunity for artists, but the conditions within the venue are not always the most hospitable. The riders are scant, the condition of the dressing room is usually less than ideal, and most of the time showers are not an option.

We wanted to design a vehicle that would cater to artists, as well as, offer an affordable crew bus option for those artists seeking to avoid the cost of an entertainer coach for the crew.

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Luxury Features

BandWagon RVs have luxury amenities included with each rental

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We’re available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that you may have after the tour’s start. All BandWagon RVs are completely maintenance-free. We use synthetic fluids so there are no required generator services or other maintenance. In the event that a tour extends beyond 60 days, we will perform any scheduled maintenance on-site to make sure that the tour continues uninterrupted and at no inconvenience to the artist.