Standard 10 Bunk Unit

The #1 Choice in Mid-Level Tour Transportation
Standard 10 Bunk Unit
Free cancellation
8 Miles/Gallon


Exterior Colorblack
Sleeping Capacity9+1
Fuel Typesdiesel


Our 10-Bunk BandWagon configuration is set up much like our flagship nine bunk models, but instead of the “super bunk” which also doubles as a couch, this area has been converted into another rack of bunks. While this does cut down on couch space, it makes it possible to provide sleeping quarters for an extra person while on the road. This helps our clients to go on tour affordably and avoid the high cost of a tour bus.

Each BandWagon comes with linens provided and offers up a comfortable place to live, sleep, shower and eat while on the road, making your touring experience a MUCH better one. Get out of the van and step up to a BandWagon!
All BandWagon RV rentals begin and end at our facility in Central Indiana. Delivery and Recovery options are available.
Reservation deposit is non-refundable and secures reservation.
$1500 Deposit for any vehicle.

$889 /day
Pick-Up & Return Dates*
Pick Up and Return Location
Each BandWagon rental commences and concludes at our facility in Central Indiana. Delivery & Recovery is available for an additional fee and includes all costs and logistics involved with a BandWagon delivery and/or recovery. Check the appropriate box(es) and select Secure Rental to enter delivery/recovery information.
Additional Options:
Cleaning Fee $600 per rental