Here's a list of frequently asked questions that come our way. We've put together what we think is a comprehensive overview of what is involved in a BandWagon RV rental, but if you have a question that isn't addressed here, please feel free to email us at

Q: How much does it cost to rent a BandWagon?

A: It depends upon the rental timeline. Rates are posted on our "Cost Breakdown" page.

Q: Can we pull our own trailer?

A: You're welcome to pull your own trailer, pending our approval after sending along your trailer's specs

Q: How much is the DirecTV?

A: Provided free of charge

Q: Is Internet provided?

A: Internet is not provided.

Q: How many people can fit comfortably in a BandWagon?

A: Either 9 or 10 people, depending on the bunk configuration you choose. The majority of our units have 8 bunks in the main cabin, with 1 bunk in the cab for the driver, with lounging capacity for 8-9 besides the bunks. Our 10-bunk version contains 9 bunks in the main cabin (and 1 bunk in the cab for the driver), but the lounging capacity is lower due to the extra bunk.

Q: What about all of the maintenance costs that the other coach companies charge? (i.e. main engine service, transmission service, generator service, etc)

A: We don't charge them.

Q: What additional costs are there?

A: A fully refundable $2,500 damage deposit, Indiana state sales tax (currently 7% of rental fee only), and a one-time end-of-tour cleaning fee of $500

Q: Who can drive a BandWagon?

A: Anyone over the age of 25 years old with a valid driver's license from their country of origin.

Q: Is it hard to drive?

A: Nope. It's fully automatic with an air ride suspension, and is the same size as a box truck. The size is its only similarity. this is NOT a glorified box truck, but rather an RV that has been specifically designed and outfitted to our specs specifically for touring bands. It's comfortable like a bus, but logistically just as easy to drive as a box truck.

Q: What kind of MPG do these things get?

A: It depends upon the routing, as the driver and the terrain are the two most important factors in determining fuel economy, but the BandWagon typically averages 7.5 - 9.0 MPG with the generator running 24/7. We'll be more than happy to provide a fuel estimate when booking your tour.

Q: What other costs can I expect to pay?

A: From us, none.

Q: What maintenance to we need to perform on the road?

A: None. The generator and main engine exclusively use Amsoil synthetic oils and are therefore maintenance-free. The service interval for the BandWagon itself is 20,000 miles, and the generator will need service performed every 1,500 hours. In the event that a tour is long enough to require maintenance, we will provide the maintenance on-site at NO CHARGE at a time and location scheduled ahead of time. Our goal is to take care of this in such a way that the band is not inconvenienced at all, the BandWagon doesn't need to be taken away, and the tour personnel don't need to lift a finger.

Q: What if something happens on the road?

A: Call us. In the event of a fender-bender, we'll walk you through the steps to take to keep insurance happy and your damage deposit intact. In the event of a mechanical failure, we'll put together a plan of action to minimize your inconvenience, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves in our preventative maintenance, but these are machines, and sometimes, machines break.

Q: How do I start the rental process?

A: The first step is to request a quote through our online quote generator, or call us at (812) 986-2716, ext 1.

Q: How do payments work?

A: A $1500 non-refundable reservation deposit gets you locked into the schedule. After that, the first payment of either 8 or 9 rental days (depending on how the dates fall), a $500 cleaning fee, and a $2,500 fully refundable damage deposit is due the Wednesday before your departure date. The $1500 reservation deposit is deducted from that invoice. Subsequent payments of 8 or 9 day increments are due every Wednesday until the rental is paid in full. Payment for rentals of 15 days or less is due in full before departure.

Q: How far before my tour should I book my BandWagon?

A: It depends on the time of year. Our busiest times of the year are February-April, June-August, and October-December. It's not uncommon for us to be sold out even...with 50+ these time frames. 60 days out is typically a safe bet.

Q: How big are your trailers?

A: All of our trailers are 8' x 16', double-axle trailers rated for a payload of up to 10K lbs. All of our trailers are equipped with two rows of e-track and the accompanying straps.